Policies **Updates to our POLICIES PAGE effective: 09/01/2019 

We will accept reservations via our online registration, by phone or E-mail, but will hold them for just 5 business days without payment. Guarantee of space on a trip will be given once your payment and sign-up form have been received.  We encourage you to sign-up early, and often. **You are Guaranteed a space only after you have received an email or written confirmation from See Life Paulagics, not just PayPal.  You must receive a confirmation from us to be considered fully registered and paid.

Cancellation Policies

Cancellation due to weather or any other reason is entirely at the discretion of the Captains of each boat. Cancellation notices and weather warnings **may be available under the ALERTS tab at the top of the website home page and on our answering machine at 215-234-6805. All participants should check the Paulagics web site and/or the answering machine the evening before a trip to confirm that the trip is sailing. Remember, it is possible that the trip could be cancelled at the dock. There are no guarantees that we will sail. If the answering system or web site is not updated, you should show up at the dock and be prepared to sail.


If a trip is cancelled far enough in advance, we will attempt to send out an e-mail notification. If a trip is cancelled late, we may call the participants directly. Please note that there is no guarantee that we will either call or e-mail with cancellation information. It is ultimately the duty of the participant to check whether or not we have cancelled a trip. Check the Alerts Page FIRST on our website and call our voicemail to check the current status of a trip.

Refunds and Credits

The following are our policies concerning refunds:

* If for any reason the **trip you paid for is cancelled, you will receive a full refund. YOU MUST REQUEST THE REFUND IN AN EMAIL OR OVER THE PHONE.  We usually have more than half of the people that sign-up for a trip, carry the credit forward until the next one.  So rather than write unnecessary checks or making many refunds, we will just hold your funds until you TELL US WHAT YOU WANT TO DO.  Your money is ALWAYS your money until you sail.

*If you have paid any trip, please keep all your receipt(s) of payment(s) and/or cancelled check(s) to provide proof of payment(s), just in case our systems vary from yours.  We want to be sure you have actually paid us before we refund any monies. (Yes, we’ve had people take refund money they didn’t actually pay! you know who you are).

**If we have to change the trip duration for any reason, we will refund you the difference in price if the new price is lower than the original price paid.

**If the trip duration increases the amount due, we will give you the opportunity to pay the amount if it is greater than the original price paid.  If you choose not to pay the additional amount, we will refund your paid amount in full and you will lose your space. 

**If the trip duration is shortened and you cancel, and the price paid is lower than the original price paid, you are only entitled to the difference, not a full refund unless we can fill your space, and we have a full boat. It is just like any other trip. You make a commitment to go, and if you don’t cancel prior to 30 days, you forfeit your monies. 

**If the trip is being rescheduled to a different day and you can not make the rescheduled trip date, you are entitled to a full refund.

* If YOU cancel 30 days or more before the trip, you will receive a full refund.

* If YOU cancel Less than 30 days before the trip, you will only receive a refund if we are able to fill the trip, and replace you on the trip.

* There is no penalty if you provide your own replacement, provided they are not already signed up for the trip.

* If a trip departs but must return early, AND the Captain charges a pro-rated refund to See Life Paulagics, you will receive a partial refund based on the pro-rated amount.

* If a trip is cancelled due to poor weather conditions, it is the participant’s responsibility to notify See Life Paulagics by e-mail, phone, or regular mail to request a refund or to have funds held for a future trip.

Refunds are usually credited back to your PayPal account if that is how you paid. We try to use PayPal as often as possible even for those that pay by check. If you wish, a check can be sent instead, you must request it.  Checks are normally mailed out within a week of when a refund is requested. If you choose to carry a credit, you may later request a refund at any time and the check will be mailed out within the week unless the office is closed, in which case the check will be mailed out at the first opportunity.  Your money is always your money, unless the **trip you paid for sails.  We will try to periodically remind you of credits you may have with us.  We like to keep clean accounting books, so holding credits may end if our accountant deems it necessary.

Company Liability

It is important to remember that these trips take place on a moving boat on the ocean, with a number of other participants on board. THIS CAN BE DANGEROUS!

See Life Paulagics is not responsible for any injuries, broken, lost, or stolen property, seasickness, or any other misfortunes that occur during these trips.

See Life Paulagics makes no guarantees concerning trip destination, **State list bounderies, or species we are attempting to see.

Participant Liability

It is expected that all participants will behave in a safe and courteous manner. If any participant becomes intoxicated, is in possession of illegal drugs, engages in violence or threats, or performs any other behavior that forces early termination of the trip, that participant will be held liable for the entire cost of the trip, ** Not just one space, this amount can be upwards of $15,000 just to See Life Paulagics, LLC. It could cost you even more for  the Captain and crew if you cause the Captain to lose his license. So think twice before you do anything to jeopardize the Captain’s license or the safety of other passengers.

**There are absolutely NO FIREARMS or weapons, legal or illegal allowed on any boat at any time.  Never, ever bring a firearm, long blade or other such weapon onto a boat.  You will be sent home and forfeit your trip funds and be banned from our boats indefinitely.


See Life Paulagics, LLC is not a travel agency and does not offer or provide general travel agency services of any kind.

See Life Paulagics, LLC is not responsible for events or situations that are beyond its direct and effective control. Without limitation, the following are some factors that are beyond our direct control; bad weather, traffic, traffic accidents, labor disputes and strikes, participant lateness, road construction, insurance issues of boats, mechanical breakdown of boats, cars etc., civil disorder or failure of third party providers, this includes the availability and procurement of chum.  If you miss the boat for any reason, you forfeit your funds.

See Life Paulagics, LLC reserves the right to refuse to provide tour services to any individual or private group without limitation or any civil or financial liability, whatsoever.


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

See Life Paulagics