Results: Lewes – Sat, Feb 1, 2020

We had some wonderful birds on the Sat, Feb 1 pelagic out of Lewes. Things started out a bit foggy and remained overcast for most of the day. Winds, as predicted, picked up the further we went offshore. Fortunately we only needed to go out about 40 miles to the 30 fathom area. If we had to go to the Baltimore Canyon apparently it would have gotten real ugly.

Highlights for me were getting everybody on Puffins and an Iceland Gull that hung round for hours and at times flew over the boat. A new experience for me was spotlighting seals! We arrived at the Lewes Breakwater just after sunset and the captain put on the boat’s spotlight to show us both Gray and Harbor seals hauled out for the night.

Thanks to everybody who came along. These trips aren’t possible without you. (Well they actually are if I decide not to pay the mortgage. Probably not a good idea.)

Mallard 1
Surf Scoter 55
White-winged Scoter 2
Black Scoter 13
Black/Surf Scoter 27
Red Phalarope 2
Dovekie 292
Common Murre 1 (flushed and lost very quickly)
Razorbill 52
Large Alcid sp. 12
Atlantic Puffin 9 (5 in one 30 minute count)
Black-legged Kittiwake 20
Herring Gull 169
Iceland (Kumlien’s) Gull 1
Lesser Black-backed Gull 4
Great Black-backed Gull 111
Red-throated Loon 27
Common Loon 7
Northern Gannet 468

Common Dolphin 10
Humpback Whale 1
Gray Seal 14
Harbor seal 16

Within seawall incidentals:
Lesser Black-backed Gull 12
Double-crested Cormorant 2
Purple Sandpiper 5
Ruddy Turnstone 12
Atlantic Brant 80
Herring Gull 350
Great Black-backed Gull 100
Black Scoter 24
Surf Scoter 35