Paulagics Corkcicle

We are excited to release the Paulagics Corkcicle canteen! These limited edition canteens (only 48 available) come in stainless or blue with the Paulagics logo printed on them, perfect for outing you as a pelagic fanatic.

Celebrating our 16th year of Pelagic Birding tours in 2018!

I’ve been in business running pelagic trips since November 2002. I started running and leading pelagic trips in my late teens. So now I’ve got over 39 years of experience in the pelagic business. I’m still trying to perfect our trips to successfully satisfy all the participants on board each trip. One way is to always ask for feedback.

Check out our testimonials page. If you have something positive to say, please email us! If you have constructive criticism, please send that as well. We can’t improve if we don’t know what’s wrong. In the Fall of 2013, I asked for feedback, which is important for continued growth. Some of you gave us great improvement ideas and things that you have personally observed that you’d like to see done differently. I assure you we will be implementing some of those suggestions in the upcoming months. Other items will be handled appropriately. Since the majority of participants are repeat customers, we strive to make everyone happy. We take all concerns seriously, and always make sure that we put our participants first. Afterall, you are the reason we keep doing this! We are looking forward to our next trip, and always love to see YOU aboard!

Though we emphasize the seabirds, our trips focus on all sea life. We take time for whales, dolphins, sea turtles, fish, and anything else that we find of interest at sea. On each trip there are enough leaders for the group size. Leaders are chosen not only for their pelagic experience, but also for their abilities to help you with spotting and identifying the life forms that are found. Remember, you are one of many, if you have a question for a leader, don’t be shy, ask them, and stick close to them for identification assistance.

Thank you for taking the time to check out our web site, and I hope to see you aboard!


We would like to extend a special thanks to Julian Hough for creating our logos. Julian is a graphic designer and we appreciate his talents enormously. You can reach Julian through his website: Julian Hough Naturescape Images